Eye doctors are either an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist.

Becoming an Ophthalmologist requires a medical degree followed by a residency where the entire spectrum of eye care is mastered. Training in residency includes eye examination techniques for routine care, diagnosis and medical treatment of eye diseases and conditions. More advanced training is necessary to perform intricate eye surgeries. Ophthalmologists are trained in medical and surgical treatment of the eye. If you have undergone eye surgery, it was performed by an ophthalmologist.

With the expanded scope and training in Optometry over the last 30 years, optometrists not only provide prescription eyeglass and contact lenses, but also treatment of eye conditions by medical means. Optometric physicians are trained and licensed to prescribe oral and topical medicines to treat eye and lid conditions including glaucoma, infections and inflammations of the eye as well as remove foreign bodies from the cornea, conjunctiva and lids. Both Dr. Graham Holt and Cynthia Carnie are Board Certified Optometrists.

At Holt Eye Clinic, Ophthalmology and Optometry work together to provide complete eye care.


The field of ophthalmology contains multiple sub-specialties where an ophthalmologist receives specialty training and experience in a specific segment of eye care.

Holt Eye Clinic is fortunate to have a relationship with several of these specialists.

Thomas Moseley, M.D. has played an important role in our clinic for many years. Dr. Moseley practices in Little Rock, but see’s patients at our 205 location now (Building 1) facility weekly. He has a special interest in eye muscle surgery for children who have strabismus. Dr. Moseley provides eye care for all ages, but focuses on pediatric care.

The doctors of the Retina Associates of Little Rock provide expert care for all conditions of the retina. Our macular degeneration patients benefit from their presence by receiving more convenient care for their condition. The Retina Associate doctors see patients at our 205 location (Building 1) on a weekly basis.

Holt Eye Clinic provides a broad spectrum of eye care to our patients in Hot Springs and the surrounding area. Contact our clinic for an appointment at 501-624-0609 or 501-624-6330.