Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Prescription sunglasses let you see clearly even as your eyes are protected from bright light. Therefore, if you need prescription vision correction, you should definitely have it added to your sunglasses as well as your regular ones. This is especially true if you need to drive or operate machinery, but you’ll appreciate not having blurry vision no matter what you doing.

Since there are so many variations in sunglasses, you may want more information about them before choosing a pair. Here are some prescription sunglasses FAQ’s and their answers:

What are Transitions Lenses?

Transition lenses change from clear to shade when you go out into the sun. They rely on UV light to remain dark, so when you go back indoors, they turn clear again. Originally, the Transitions brand was the only option for glasses with this effect. However, several other manufacturers now exist.

Why Do Your Eyes Need Protection From the Sun?

Your eyes need protection against bright visible light and UV light to remain healthy. UV light is the kind that is responsible for sunburns, and it can burn the retinas of your eyes as well. Your eyelids can also get cancer from too much UV light exposure, just like any other part of your skin.

Bright visible light is also controlled by wearing sunglasses. This is the type of light that makes you squint, and squinting too much can lead to lines around your eyes.

Other Than the Prescription, is There a Big Difference Between Prescription and Non-Prescription Sunglasses?

If you get your sunglasses from an optometrist’s office, there should be no difference in the quality between the two types of glasses. However, there is usually a big difference between the quality of office-sold non-prescription glasses and grocery store ones.

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